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Wortschatz in Spielen von Bumblebee online

Jahrgangsstufe 1/2 Themen
Hello colours, numbers, clothes
My school school things, schoolyard activities
I’m hungry fruit & vegetables, food
My body body parts
I like animals animals
My family family members, hobbies
My day daily routines, time
Jahrgangsstufe 3 Themen
At school school things, colours, numbers, subjects, days of the week
Breaks and school clubs school clubs, activities in the club, breakfast, meals, playground activities
Animals animals, body parts, describing animals, colours, pet food
Clothes and fashion clothes, describing clothes
At the shopping centre shops, toys, food & drink, sweets, fruit & vegetables, ice cream, adjectives
My busy week daily routines, times of the day, days of the week, months
Nessie and her friends rooms, furniture, body parts, prepositions, activities
My family family members
Keep fit sports chunks, sports equipment, activities, numbers
Jahrgangsstufe 4 Themen
Making friends hobbies, feelings
At the zoo animal body parts, zoo animals, actions, adjectives
People in our town jobs
Our nature weather, senses, nature words
Native Americans Native Americans words
At home homes, rooms, furniture, prepositions
Time for a story stories
Travelling and transport sights/places in hometown, transport, directions
Picnic picnic, sandwiches, verbs
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Jahrgangsstufe 1/2


red, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, black, white
1 – 10
muffin, hamburger, hot dog, cornflakes, popcorn
T-shirt, jeans, cap, sweatshirt, socks, shorts, shoes, skirt, jacket, school uniform
What colour is it? It's …
What’s your favourite colour? My favourite colour is … I like …
How old are you? I'm … years old.
How old is …? … is … years old.
Hello, Good morning, Goodbye
What's your name? My name is …
Where are you from? I'm from …
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My school

School things:
rubber, pencil, pencil case, sharpener, pen, ruler, board, glue, scissors, school bag, book, folder
Schoolyard activities:
hopscotch, catch, table tennis, hide-and-seek, skipping, basketball
I've got a … .
Point to … Hold up … Colour the …
… has got …(three pencils and a ruler).
I can see …
How many … have you got? I’ve got …
What colour is …? It’s …
What have you got in your school bag? I’ve got a … in my school bag.
Have you got a …? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.
Do you like … skipping? Yes, I do. No, I don't.
I like …
Let's play …
Do you like to play …? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.
Bumblebee – a helping friend.
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I’m hungry

Fruit & Vegetables:
apple, banana, cherry, melon, orange, pear, plum, strawberry
tomato, cucumber, carrot, lettuce
sandwich, cheese, toast, butter, ham
Can I have …, please? Here you are.
I like … I don't like …
Do you like cherries? Yes, I do. No, I don't.
He/She likes …
Have you got …? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.
In my lunchbox there is/are …
What do you like on your sandwich? On my sandwich I like …
The Earl of Sandwich
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My body

Body parts:
arms, hands, legs, foot, feet, shoulders, fingers, knees, toes, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, hair, head
These are …
He/She has …
This is …
Turn left! Turn right! Sit down! Jump up and down! Turn around! Bend your knees!
A big surprise
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I like animals

horse, dog, cat, pig, duck, frog, mouse, mice, hamster, cow, rabbit, bumblebee
What does the dog look like? The dog is brown and white.
What is your favourite animal? My favourite animal is …
Where is my best friend? Sorry, but I don’t know. Here she is.
Have you got a rabbit? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.
Bumblebee – Hello friends
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My family

Family members:
sister, brother, mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa
football, gardening, Bingo, horses, shopping, music, farming, Bridge, Polo
Who is this? This is / These are …
Have you got a brother? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.
What does uncle Jack like? He/She likes football.
I like … I don’t like …
Do you like …? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.
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My day

Daily routines:
get up, wash, dress, go to school, meet friends, read/write/draw, go home, do homework, play with friends, have breakfast/lunch/dinner, watch TV, feed a goldfish, go to bed
clock, watch, 11, 12
When do you get up? I get up at … o’clock.
What time is it? It’s … o’clock.
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Jahrgangsstufe 3

At school

School things:
rubber, folder, pencil, glue, scissors, pen, ruler, book, pencil case, sharpener, coloured pencils, dictionary, paintbrush, paintbox, water container, hole punch
red, green, yellow, blue, black, white, brown, purple
1 – 12
English, Maths, German, RE, Music, Science, PE, ICT, Crafts, Art
Days of the week:
Monday – Sunday
What’s your name? My name is …
How old are you? I am … years old.
Where are you from? I come from …
What do you like? I like …
What’s your favourite …? My favourite … is …
What time is it? It’s …o’clock. / It’s quarter to …/ It's quarter past … / It's half past ….
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Breaks and school clubs

School clubs:
breakfast club, pottery club, cricket club, gardening club, computer club, Spanish club, drama club, music club
Activities in the club:
have breakfast, work on the computer, play the guitar, play football, play tennis, play cricket, do pottery, do gymnastics, plant flowers, learn Spanish, act out plays
bacon, eggs, kiwi fruit, orange juice, tea, cereal, milk, yoghurt, marmalade, jam, roll, toast, butter, cheese, muesli, vegetables, cucumber, tomato, pepper, carrot, bread, cream cheese
How to make breakfast:
wash, cut a banana into slices, spread peanut butter on bread
breakfast, lunch, dinner
Playground activities:
play table tennis, play catch, play hide-and-seek, play football, play basketball, play cards, swap stickers, skip, play hopscotch, build sandcastles in the sandpit, play on the swings, play on the slide, climb the jungle gym
Which club(s) would you like to join? I’d like to join the … club (and the … club).
When is the club? It’s on … at …o’clock/a.m./p.m./half past …
Where is the club? It’s in the …
Who is the teacher? It’s Mr/Mrs …
What can you do in the club? You can …
What do you like for breakfast? I like … for breakfast.
What are the children doing? The children are playing/swapping …
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pig, rabbit, mouse, goat, chicken, fly, duck, dog, rat, cow, horse, sheep, cat, fish, budgie, hamster, guinea pig, goldfish, spider, bumblebee
Body parts:
body, head, ear, eye, mouth, leg
Describing animals:
feather, a pig's ears, a cow's tail, a chicken's feather, a curly tail, a long tail, a short tail, a cat's eyes, a cow's nose
pink, yellow, purple, black, green, red, orange, brown
Pet food:
corn, grass, water, potatoes, carrots, lettuce
What are your favourite animals? My favourite animals are …
Do you like …? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.
I eat/drink … / I have got … / I can …/ I am a …
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Clothes and fashion

trousers, hat, dress, jacket, jeans, cap, pullover, shirt, socks, T-shirt, shoes, skirt, trainers, shorts, swimsuit, scarf, gloves, boots, school uniform
Describing clothes:
dotted, striped, big, small, short, crazy, pretty, cool
pink, yellow, purple, black, green, red, orange, brown, blue, white
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At the shopping centre

sports shop, toy shop, market, candy shop, bookshop, fashion store, ice cream parlour
kite, ball, inline skates, scooter, ludo, helmet, game of chess, racing car
Food & drink:
burger, crisps, hot dog, salad, fish and chips, kebap, lemonade, coke, water, orange juice
chocolate bar, lollipop, liquorice, candy stick
Fruit & vegetables:
apple, banana, cherry, lemon, grapes, pear, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, potato, pepper, tomato
Ice cream:
ice cream, scoop, cone, cup, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, apple, cherry, lemon, kiwi, blue angel
round, long, short, small, big
Can I have … , please? Here you are.
Anything else? Yes, … kilo of / kilos of …, please. No, thanks.
How much is/are …? That’s … pounds, please. Thank you.
The … is … pounds. That’s too expensive.
… scoops of … in a cone, please.
The birthday present
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My busy week

Daily routines:
get up, wash, dress, go to school, meet friends, read, write, have breakfast/lunch/dinner, go home, do homework, watch TV, feed the cat/fish, play with friends, go to the doctor, practise the piano, go swimming, go to bed, go to the cinema, buy a present, clean the bike, walk the dog, go cycling, visit
Times of the day:
in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening
Days of the week:
Monday – Sunday
January – December
… get’s up at … o’clock.
I go to school at o’clock / half past …
Every afternoon … goes swimming.
What do you do on … at … o’clock / half past / quarter to / quarter past …? On … at … o’clock / half past / quarter to / quarter past I …
What do you do on … morning/afternoon/evening? On … morning/afternoon/evening I …
What does … do on … morning/afternoon/evening? On … morning/afternoon/evening he/she …
Can we meet next …? That would be great. Sorry, I’m busy.
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Nessie and her friends

bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall, attic, cellar
bed, chair, desk, table, wardrobe, lamp, shelf, cupboard, stove, fridge, sink, shelf, toilet, shower, bathtub, armchair, sofa, TV
Body parts:
nose, head, foot, leg, tail, wings
in, on, under, behind
read, swim, play the recorder, speak German, eat a lot, work on the computer, fly, spit fire
… is on/in/under/behind the ..
A visit from Nessie
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My family

Family members:
brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mother, father, grandma, grandpa
Is this your …? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. It’s my …
Have you got …? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t. I have got …
What is/are … doing? … is/are eating/chatting …
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Keep fit

Sports chunks:
do judo/athletics, ride a horse, swim, cycle, play hockey/basketball/football/cricket/rugby/tennis
Sports equipment:
trainers, goggles, swimsuit, tennis racket, shorts, tennis ball, football, football boots, football socks, T-shirt, towel
skip, dribble, bounce, run, jump, lift, clap, touch, turn around, wiggle
1 – 100
… is playing …(hockey).
… and … are … (doing judo).
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Jahrgangsstufe 4

Making friends

face painting, sailing, surfing the Internet, climbing, painting, cycling, collecting football stickers, playing with friends, playing the violin, swimming, playing chess, dancing, rugby, ice-skating
happy, sad, angry, glad, naughty, cool, crazy, lazy, fine, tired
I like …
He/She likes …
Can you help me, please? Yes, I can. No, I can’t.
Where are you from? I’m from …
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At the zoo

Animal body parts:
body, leg, head, mouth, ear, nose, neck, trunk, tail, hooves, beak, wings, paws, fin
Zoo animals:
dolphin, pelican, tortoise, tiger, lion, seal, monkey, polar bear, crocodile, parrot, kangaroo, penguin, giraffe, zebra, chimpanzee, panda, elephant
do tricks, play ball, swim, dive, fly, jump, run, climb, eat, drink, walk, talk, sing, dance, read, skip, catch balls, see
dangerous, friendly, strong, funny, slow, tall, small, clever
The … can’t …(fly).
What can … do? … (Monkeys) … can … (do tricks).
The … is … (dangerous).
Can ……(elephants sing)? Yes, they can. No, they can’t.
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People in our town

policewoman, doctor, hairdresser, shop assistant, baker, postman, vet, firefighter, teacher, engineer,
milkman, footballer, pilot
What do you want to be? When I grow up, I want to be …
What does a … do? – He/She …s.
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Our nature

snowy, foggy, stormy, sunny, cold, frosty, windy, hot, rainy, cloudy
smell, taste, feel, see, hear
Nature words:
forest, frog, cuckoo, hedgehog, spider, fox, deer, squirrel, rabbit, woodpecker, owl, bellflower, blackberry, feather, nuts, grass, fir tree, chestnut
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Native Americans

Native Americans words:
Native American, eagle, drum, berries, bear, shield, canoe, axe, bow and arrow, peace pipe, corn, wigwam, buffalo, buffalo hide, totem pole, elk, beaver, tipi, chief, moccasins
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At home

block of flats, terraced houses, houseboat, farmhouse, cottage, caravan, castle, house
attic, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, cellar, balcony, garden
mirror, cupboard, chair, book, shelf, table, sofa, armchair, lamp, telephone, toaster, washing machine, painting, cooker, computer, bed, bin
in, on, under, behind, in front of, next to
The … is in/on/under/behind/in front of/ next to …
I … (sleep) in … (my bedroom).
Where would you like to live? I’d like to live in a …
Where is …? The … is in the …
What do you do in …? In the … I …
Could you bring me …, please? Yes, I can. No, I’m sorry.
Has your … (house) got … (a terrace)? Yes, it has. No, it hasn’t.
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Time for a story

The Gingerbread Man
Jack and the beanstalk
The fox and the crow
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Travelling and transport

Sights/Places in hometown:
castle, church, bridge, post office, town hall, zoo
bus, doubledecker bus, underground, tube, taxi, car, boat, plane, train
turn left, turn right, go straight on, on the left, on the right
Where do you want to go? I want to go to / visit …
How do we get to …? Let’s … go by … / walk
How can I get to …? Go straight on, then turn left. …
Excuse me.
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grass, pond, water lily, tree, bush, bench, litter box, slide, swing, ice cream van, blanket, picnic basket, snake, sandwich, squirrel, duck, ducklings, rabbits
sandwiches, olives, onions, red pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, chicken, cheese, bacon, pepperoni, ham
sit, read, drink, eat, talk, go inline skating, take a picture, swim, buy
The … (girls) are sitting on …
Can you pass me ….? Here you are.
Can I have …, please? No, I’m sorry. There are no …
What would you like on your sandwich? I’d like … on my sandwich, please.
What can we do in the park? We can …
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